November 30, 2005

Nov 30

November 29, 2005

Nov. 28

November 28, 2005

Nov 28. C v G news update!

Hello to our single reader left...

Greg and I have been a little busy lately, but we got together the other night to plan out further escapades of C v G. We're going to try to start fresh, and a little more organized, and hopefully with more live improv duel sessions!

December we will be testing out a new system of working, and hopefully by the new year we'll have at least 2 strips a week for you, and hopefully a re-designed website as well.

For now here's what we jammed on the other night. Plus some other stuff which Greg will link to later today.

November 17, 2005

An open letter for you

Hello All,

Greg here... Yeah the sick guy that delays the awesomeness of the comics. I'm feeling 99% top shelf these days and will be posting new comics in the next day or so. Thanks to jimmy jo joe joe for mailing in the new set of lungs. They fit great!
See you all soon.


November 06, 2005

Nov 6: Spam-apus

November 05, 2005

Nov 5, magical powers and inner peace.

November 01, 2005

November 1: "Old Squirrel Beard"

Welcome back man... drink lots of water...