October 28, 2005

Opening up the courts...

Hello dear reader,

My old and deer friend Greg is missing in action! I haven't heard from him for at least a couple days... possibly more! The last he said to me about the comics tennis was "...uh... I dunno... we'll see...sometingsomethingsomething... what... five bucks?—i'm gonna f--" It seems he is still "down for the count" as they say in Hollywood lingo.

So, Mr. Wagon suggested that we open up the game of Comics Tennis to anyone out there in inter-web land. Email a comic serve to comicstennis / gmail / com

We try to keep each drawing for a serve under an hour, (though I have been breaking that rule frequently of late to play with a new tablet).


Blogger colin said...

Right, since Greg has returned... I guess this invitation is no longer open... for the moment. Not like it matters because we only have two readers anyways.

11:36 PM  

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