October 31, 2005

Oct. 31st BY GREG?!


Blogger Greg said...

i'm many things right now... sick, a carpenter, an astronaut, president of the gay and lesbian alliance (for some reason) but one thing i'm not is down for the count. (as they say in Hollywood) i'm gonna try to keep up with my ninja lessons, that badassdfalkh *COUGH* DAMN IT! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! LIKE SHIT IT'S BEEN A MONTH! FECK! If anyone is selling lungs i'd be up for them...

10:38 PM  
Blogger CarolinaDivina said...

welcome back
hope you feel better soon

10:05 AM  
Blogger colin said...

huzzaaahhh.... greg is back! back and less robotlike than ever!

9:17 PM  

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